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Deep in the Heart of Tuna (Dec 13-30, 2015)

Dec 13-30, 2015
Theatre in the Square
11 Whitlock Avenue
Marietta, GA

“Where the Lion’s Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies…”

DEEP IN THE HEART OF TUNA offers wall-to-wall laughter, with all its healing power, as it takes us to Tuna, Texas, a town full of the most off-the-wall characters you’ve ever met and have always known.

The whole town is played by two extraordinarily gifted actors/quick change artists. This is truly the heart of Tuna and centers on the story of a single family, the Bumillers, and those ties that bind and those that don’t.

The year is 1982, the fall of that year, when the town’s most renowned hanging judges is found dead in a women’s swimsuit, and on Christmas Eve when all that is hidden is revealed.

Various shows throughout December:
13th – 8 pm
16th – 2 pm
17th – 2 pm
19th – 8 pm
23rd – 2 pm
27th – 2 pm
30th – 2 pm

Cost: $20 / Seniors $15

Tickets available at Eventbrite

Group Sales Available! Please call 770-426-4800 //

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