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Cagle’s Haunted Barn (Oct 2-31, 2015)

Oct 2-31, 2015
Cagle’s Family Farm
362 Stringer Road
Canton, GA

The Haunted Barn is a walk through haunted attraction that is designed to scare the life directly from your body. While guests are here, they will experience their deepest and darkest fears and be put to the test to see if they can make it out. We have live actors that have been trained to sense those guests who might not be as brave as they once thought and make each experience different.

This will be our fifth year in operation and each year we redesign the entire attraction to keep guests on their toes and coming back for more. Our plots and designs revolve around a story that is brought to life as guests travel through the barn. So please, feel free to explore our past haunts and the current one. Simply click on the titles to find out more about that particular year and event. We would love for you to drop in and see if you can endure The Haunted Barn.

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