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Steak! It’s What’s for Dinner (10.15.15)

Oct 15, 2015
Preserving Place
1170 Howell Mill Rd
Suite P10b, Plaza Level
Atlanta, GA 30318

Join us for this very special class and collaboration between Brasstown Beef, chef Philip Meeker, and Preserving Place as we explore the deliciousness that is steak! We’ll talk with Whit Whitmire of Brasstown Beef about what different cuts of beef and why local is better. Then we’ll join chef Meeker in the kitchen and explore stove top cooking methods to make the perfect steak time and time again.

We’ll sit down to a steak dinner (duh) at the end of it all and enjoy good food, good wine, and good company at the end of our cooking!

Time: 6:30-9:00 pm

Tickets: $75

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