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The Forgotten Carols (12.06.15)

Dec 6, 2015
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway
Atlanta, GA

The Christmas musical The Forgotten Carols has become a new countrywide tradition. It’s the tale of Constance, a nurse too absorbed in her job to be bothered with Christmas. She’s assigned to John, an aging man believed to have some form of mental illness. What Constance finds, however, is a warm and spunky soul who is far from the “crazy old man” she expected. As John reveals the untold carols of the more “forgotten” characters in the Christmas story to Constance, he breaks through her steely exterior, guiding her to the Christmas carols waiting to be sung within her own heart. See this benefit performance for the Atlanta Mission at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

Time: 7-10 p.m.

Tickets: $25-$45  //

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