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Santa After Hours 2015: The Wreck-oning (Dec 4-19, 2015)

Dec 4-19, 2015
Out of Box Theatre
585 Cobb Pkwy S.
Marietta, GA 30060

Can’t make it home for the holidays, but still want the same feelings of superiority, offense, and indignation?


The miscreants who’ve sullied each of the last six holiday seasons serve up a heaping helping of SANTA AFTER HOURS. Featuring a bevy of short works by local playwrights, this show is pretty much guaranteed to make you gasp, laugh, and clutch your pearls. We’re aiming to replace all that good wholesome family cheer with our own disturbing (and hilarious!) take on the holidays.

Leave the kids at home, pre-game with your favorite box of wine, and come sit on Santa’s lap. We know you want to.

Featuring Lauren Coleman, Laurel Lowe, Parris Sarter, Bob Smith, Spencer Stephens, and Emily Tyrybon.

Featuring works by local playwrights James Beck, Frances Chang, Lauren Coleman, Cynthia Faith, Daniel Guyton, Laurel Lowe, G.M. Lupo, and Daphne Mintz.

Directed by Bob Smith.

Tickets: $20 //

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