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Alliance Theatre presents “Merry %#!*ing Christmas” (Nov 27- Dec 19, 2015)

Nov 27- Dec 19, 2015
Woodruff Arts Center
Hertz Stage
1280 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA

Warning: In case you’re still not sure, this show is very adult. Expect lots of swear words, violence (your favorite holiday character might get popped), and jokes about…well, let’s just say that nothing is off limits. There’s no sex or nudity in this production, and for that, Dad’s Garage is truly sorry.

Get the kids a babysitter and tell granny you’ll take her to see some other show, because this season the Alliance presents the most family-unfriendly holiday show to come from the insane brains behind Dad’s Garage Theatre: Merry #%!*ing Christmas. If you’re tired of manufactured holiday cheer and would rather gouge your eye out with a candy cane than see White Christmas again, this is the show for you.

In this world premiere production, Santa’s gift-giving mania has destabilized the world economy, global warming threatens to reduce Frosty to a puddle, and an unlikely duo must team up to save Christmas: Ebenezer Scrooge and a single dad in an ugly sweater. Dad’s Garage once again brings you an epic holiday mash-up full of split second character changes, live music, and their trademark irreverent humor. So if you think Santa’s consumerism might be the death of us all, or that Frosty may be the only one who’s motivated enough to tackle climate change, or that Scrooge probably did master the art of time travel, then come on down to the Alliance and laugh until it Hertz.

Tickets: $25.00

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