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Hair of the Dog Comedy Brunch (11.29.15)

Nov 29, 2015
The Punchline
3652 Roswell Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

Join us the Sunday after Thanksgiving for inappropriate talk, day drinking and LAUGHTER. This is the antidote to all that forced holiday family etiquette. There will be filthy language (we guarantee), heavy drinking (of course), plenty of Thanksgiving holiday family fatigue, LAUGHTER in the face of fundamentalism, KISS-MY-ASS-ing in the face of “trigger warnings,” CELEBRATION in the face of fear, and PIES in the face of faces! So if you’re easily offended, STAY HOME and finish quilting for a cause. Us? We’re gonna take a day to take a breath and have a laugh in spite of the spinning cesspool of idiocy the world has become (and BTW, fuck those fucking assholes). So, to recap: What are we thankful for? We’re thankful we can still LAUGH, for one. Tickets are cheap. Click the link to buy them so you don‘t have to stand outside like a bovine.

With hilarious standup comedy by:
Lace Larrabee
Dedrick Flynn
Olivia Cathcart
Mo Arora
Matthew English
Samm Severin

$5 Mimosas and Bacon Bloody Marys!!!!

Hosted by Hollis Gillespie and Jen O’Neill Smith!

Doors open at Noon. Show starts at 12:30

Tickets: $10

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