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House on Horror Hill (Oct 1-31, 2015)

Oct 1-31, 2015
House on Horror Hill
1650 Alpharetta St
Alpharetta, GA

Holiday Entertainment presents the 34th annual House on Horror Hill.

Georgia’s longest running haunted house opened Thursday Oct 1st and will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday through Halloween.

We ARE passionate about haunted houses
We ARE the best bang for your buck
We ARE all volunteers
We ARE building our own rooms and skits
We ARE all committed to giving you a great show
We ARE representing a community staple
We are NOT operating on a million dollar budget
We are NOT using animatronics

As the longest running Haunted house in Georgia, we have a lot of pride in what we do, and years of experience showing us how to do it well. If you would like to come see a great haunt, come to House on Horror Hill.

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