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Juice Bar Virginia Highlands grand opening (09.12.15)


We stopped by the new Juice Bar in Virginia Highlands this afternoon for their grand opening.  They are offering 50% off juices and smoothies to celebrate opening day!

We sampled a couple of juices and decided to go with the sweet greens.  Our juices were made fresh while we waited and were so good!

I just finished a ten day cleanse program of eating nothing but whole foods, organic fruits and veggies, juices, smoothies and tons of salads and it was amazing!  I would love to do a pure juice cleanse soon too.  I just can’t get enough of fresh juices and smoothies!

I picked up a Juice Bar tote bag and some mason jars so I’ll be ready to take my juices to go on juice cleanse days.

pictured: Juice Bar sweet greens juice and a sandwich from Alon’s which is just next door…

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