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Mountainfilm festival on tour ATL 2015

Aug 28-29, 2015
Plaza Theatre
1049 Ponce de Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA

Mountainfilm on Tour ATL is a festival of films showcasing cultures worth exploring, environments worth preserving, adventures worth pursuing, and conversations worth sustaining.

Committed to a true festival atmosphere with local musicians, theater artists, and visiting film guests who engage with audiences throughout the weekend, the curated collection of films from Mountainfilm in Telluride assures our audience variety, great moments of awareness and excitement, and the highest standards in documentary film.

Dedicated to helping the environment, Mountainfilm on Tour ATL is a ‘green’ event which promotes sustainability, recycling, and reusability.

Steadfast in our support of local initiatives, organizations, and businesses that align with the Mountainfilm mission to actively seek education, inspiration, and motivation regarding cultural and environmental issues, Mountainfilm on Tour ATL is proud to work with and for the community.

Atlanta joined the Mountainfilm in Telluride family in September of 2013 with the launch of Mountainfilm on Tour ATL at the Plaza Theatre and we are looking forward to Mountainfilm on Tour ATL, 2015!

So mark your calendars for August 28th & 29th!  We’ll see you at the Plaza!

Price: General 2-Day Passes » $35.00

photo: from the film LEAVE IT AS IT IS

More than 100 years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt, who like so many before and after him had fallen in love with the Grand Canyon, implored Americans to preserve the wondrous site in a speech. “Leave it as it is,” he said. “ You cannot improve upon it.” Today, his words set off alarm bells as the Grand Canyon and Colorado River are surrounded on all sides by threats: uranium pollution, water diversion and proposal for a highly impactful gondola project. This short film by Peter McBride lays bare these threats and reminds us that the Grand Canyon belongs not to developers or industrialists — but to the people.  2015 USA / Duration: 3 mins.  Directed by: Pete McBride

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