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Clear Reflections

Jul 31 – Sep 25, 2015
Mason Fine Art
415 Plasters Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Mason Fine Art opens three exciting exhibitions on Friday, July 31, 2015, with a reception from 6-9PM. The reception is free and open to the public. Uber and carpooling are encouraged. Exhibition continues through September 25, 2015.

Clear Reflections is a group exhibition of realist paintings and drawings, featuring works by David Kessler, Paul Cadden, Michael Zigmond James Zamora, Otto Lange, LeeAnna Repass, Eva Csanyi-Hurskin, Kenneth Pasley, Sally Tharp and Carl Holzman.


Outside In features eight major graffiti artists with strong Atlanta connections. Combined, their careers touch each of the past four decades. The exhibition features major large scale works as well as smaller, more affordable pieces. Artists include WON 2, POEST, SHIE 1, SB ONE, Dr. DAX, VIPER, WEB 1, BASER and Frank Morrison.
Co-curated by POEST, Joe Dreher, and Jacob Hall.


Hiding in Plain Sight examines the work of world famous outsider artist Purvis Young. A collection of Young’s large scale works are examined in light of his influences, including the Wall of Respect and The Mexican Muralists, and those he influenced, including the emerging graffiti culture of 1970s Miami.

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