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field notes (Inman Park)… 07.28.15

photo: ©

Had a great time wandering around the Inman Park neighborhood over the weekend…

stopped at Krog Street Market for some Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.  Got a scoop of chocolate (my go-to choice) which was awesome!  Also got a scoop of wildberry lavender because I wanted to try something new and… it was amazing!!!  Party in my mouth…

stopped at whitespace gallery.  Causa Sui is on exhibit through Sat, Aug 1.  Ann Stewart creates her objects with a 3D printer. A unique process involving computerized images of the objects before they are printed. This process also mirrors the title of the show, Causa Sui. The term causa sui is Latin for “cause of itself.” Once Stewarts prints an object, it creates itself.

Read the review:
Ann Stewart forges exciting new path — sculpture by way of CAD software ~ ArtsATL

See how it’s done in the video (below): 3D Printing: Strong and Flexible Plastic.

did some drive-by shooting around the Inman Park neighborhood…

stopped at Ponce City Market (which is coming along nicely!).  Look forward to completion of construction, opening of additional stores… and the Food Hall which is scheduled to open in September…

Stopped at Whole Foods market on Ponce to pick up a few groceries before heading home (including some awesome guacamole! so, so good..)

good times… xo

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