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Life Lessons From a 7-Thousand-Mile Bike Ride (NatGeo)

“Routine is the enemy.”

Break from your routine as often and for as long as possible.

Experiment, experience, adventure, explore
something new, different, fun, exciting, beautiful;
wake up and excite your brain
and your heart!

xo the atlanta project

Jedidiah Jenkins quit his job and decided to bike from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. His best friend, filmmaker Kenny Laubbacher, came along for the ride. This short film follows Jenkins as he shares what he’s learned from his journey so far. “When you’re a kid, everything is astonishing. Everything is new, and so your brain is awake and turned on … Once your brain establishes a routine, it stops … the alertness goes away,” he says. By choosing adventure Jenkins is able to reactivate his brain and turn his “hundred years on this planet into a thousand.” … National Geographic

Read more and watch the video (it is amazing!)

#shortfilmshowcase @natgeo

photo credit: National Geographic

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