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Goldbergs 07.01.15

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Stopped at Goldbergs for lunch yesterday at Avalon in Alpharetta. 

Placed my order to go and decided to take some pics while I waited. I was really hungry and looking at all the goodies on display made my mouth water! 

I have to give a shout out to Anthony.  He was awesome! 

You know how some people have that special something?  That “je ne sais quoi”?  Well, he’s got it! 

He greeted me warmly upon my arrival, checked to see if there was a table available outdoors (turns out there was not), then directed me to where I could place my order to go. After I placed my order, we chatted for a moment while he rang me up. 

Sounds pretty standard, right?!

But his energy and enthusiasm were contagious!  He took a very run of the mill, “Hey, let me stop in here and grab a sandwich” experience from ok, good… to wow!  That was amazing!  He was like the Gulden’s spicy mustard on my California Reuben!  Like “bam!” (in my Emeril Lagasse voice).  He sent me out the door with a smile on my face…

Southern hospitality at its finest.

And the food was real good too y’all!  Can’t wait to go back…

Goldbergs Bagel Company & Deli
Authentic New York Deli foods combine with Southern hospitality.

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