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On a side note, here's what happened today...

Had an amazing brunch at Chequers Seafood + Steak in Marietta this morning (ate way too much!) Headed over to the High Museum to see the Mo Willems exhibit, Seriously Silly! (and walk off some of the food we’d eaten).

If you haven’t taken your kids to see this yet, please don’t miss it.  The artwork is so cute, there are reading nooks set up with several of Mo’s books available for a little reading/story-time… lots of fun for kids (big and small!) We were also treated to a fun, fabulous (and free!) concert by local musician Kebbi Williams and the Wolfpack (outside the High in Sifly Piazza).  They walked through the crowd playing their instruments, strutting and parading around while children danced and jumped with glee.  It almost felt like being at a parade on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (only not as crowded or as crazy!) Gorgeous weather = an awesome day in the ATL…

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